In recent years a lot of companies that sell school uniforms at very competitive prices have showed up. Why is this? It is because they are manufactured in China (or in other countries by cheap labour and bad working conditions). In Confecciones Delmapunto we make sure that everything is of national origin. We have been manufacturing for more than 30 years in Hellín (Albacete) and everything is managed from here. All the raw materials we use are national. A great number of schools have stopped buying from intermediaries who deal with Chinese factories and are starting to work with us. Do you wonder why? Let us explain…

6 Advantages of Manufacturing your School Uniform in Spain:


The quality of our fabrics and finishes is substantially superior to that of Chinese origin, since all kind of garments are mass-produced there in non-skilled factories. We are specialised in school uniforms and we are fully aware of the great resistance and durability that these garments require. A jumper for an adult is not the same as a jumper that is going to be used by a child, day after day. Children usually mistreat their garments, so we have to be ready for this.

Production time

If you want to place an order from China, a great forecast and large amounts of standar sizes are going to be needed. It is easy that your children be left without a uniform if something in the forecast or in the production chain fails. A solution to this is hardly possible in a short period of time, as clothes have to be manufactured and be sent from China.

Don’t be left without your school uniform!

In case we run out of any size on stock, our manufacturing time is of only two weeks.

School uniforms for people with special needs

Students with atopic skin, some kind of allergy to a fabric, or that need a special size or a garment adapted to their special needs will not be able to order it to a Chinese factory. In Confecciones Delmapunto we make special garments for students with special needs. The school uniform creates the feeling of belonging to a group, an organization. No child must feel different from the others for not being able to have a uniform.

Direct and close assistance

You will never deal with an intermediary. You will always speak directly to the factory. Besides, thanks to the comprehensive management of the school uniform, the factory will personally assist the students’ parents.

Support for our national and local economy

Lastly, the economic factor. Every year, a lot of people work to design, manufacture, package and manage the school uniform. If an organization chooses to manufacture their uniform in Spain, it is contributing to the creation of workstations and to the sustenance of a lot of people and families.