We have always bought our children’s uniforms at school. In recent years, suppliers who are most advanced in technology have begun to offer an online shopping service whereby we receive the uniform directly at home. ¿Is this necessary? ¿Which are the reasons?

1. Convenience for both parents and teachers.

Parents can log on anywhere from their smart-phones, from their laptops at home or from their work computer and look up the size guide, order the uniform, pay for it easily by card or “Bizum” and receive it in 24/48 hours directly at home (or the desired address). They will have solved the task of buying their children’s school uniform in less than 5 minutes.

Educators won’t have to waste their time in managing uniforms (customer support, sales, size changes, fittings) and will be able to dedicate all their working hours and effort to what really matters: educating the children.

2. Always online

Now you can buy your uniform at any time of the day and at any time of the year. You don’t have to order the winter clothes at the beginning of the course. What about if your child radically grow taller in November? What about if my work schedule is not conciliable with the school hours for selling the uniform? This is not a problem with the online shopping.

3. Receive the uniform at home (or where you desire).

You don’t need to go to the school, or a physical store, to get your children’s school uniform. A delivery boy will knock at your door and deliver the parcel personally. We don’t want you to lose your time on these procedures. Just log on to our web, order the uniform and recieve it at home in 24/48 hours. Remember that you have a Free Shipping on orders over 70€.

4. Online shopping security

Each school shop is protected by a key, which guarantees that no one alien to the school is able to buy a garment of your school uniform.

5. Support your school by buying in the Official Shop

We are the official manufacturers and distributors of all the schools in our web. This means that a great part of the prize is destinated to fund the organization, which affects the school quality and its services, namely, the children education.

6. Customer service

We deal with any problem that may come up regarding the school uniform (changes, refunds, doubts, questions…). Things the school needn’t do.

7. Continuous improvement and development

By attending directly to the parents’ demands, we learn day after day to improve our attendance, our service and our products.

In Confecciones Delmapunto we board the train of digitalization to offer a better Integral Management Service of the School Uniform to parents and educators.