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Textile Factory since 1996.

School Uniforms • Sport Uniforms Working Uniforms • Military Uniforms

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Our design team works to create your garment according to your necessities.

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Cut and weaving

We weave or cut the components of your garment. We use Spanish raw materials.

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We customize your garment unlimitedly with embroidery, screen printing and the innovative textile sublimation.

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Labelling and packaging

We finish your garment with a flawless presentation. Directly to our Online Shop.

‘Opting for national products, our finish quality, a good design as well as a personalized and close attention are the factors that are making more and more organizations to trust us and our results.’

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Confecciones Delmapunto was founded in 1996 in Hellín by the blend of different textile companies. We carry out the whole production process, from cutting or weaving to the final delivery. We are designers, makers and distributors of:

• School uniforms • Sport equipment • Military Uniforms • Working clothes •

School uniform is our specialty. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture more than 150000 school uniforms a year. New processes and machines are incorporated every year to improve ourselves and to offer our best quality to our clients.