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The identity, values and distinction of any school depend largely on their uniform.

More and more schools are choosing to use uniforms for the following reasons:

• It fosters equality among students.
• It increases the sense of belonging to the school.
• It is useful for the different activities and weather changes.
• It reduces clothing spending.
• It simplifies the parents’ task of dressing their children.

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We give the school headmaster a user account and a password. With this login information they will be able to see their placed orders in real time.


We make a forecast of the garments that will be needed. Then, we manufacture the uniforms and send and charge them directly to the students’ parents. We also take care of the returns and exchanges.


Each school is given a different password. This ensures that no student alien to your school is able to buy one of your uniforms.

niños con uniforme preescolar babi jugando

We manufacture the garments according to their functionality and each centre or school particularity, ensuring a huge customization capacity in each uniform.

The highest quality is assured in every garment, essential for the uniforms in order to resist the daily use.

We design, manufacture and deliver all your school uniform variants, including preschool and sportswear.

We have special fabric and sizes for those students with special needs, promoting thus social inclusion.

fotos de niños con uniforme deportivo equipación deportiva
bordado en el pecho en un vestido de uniforme escolar fabricado por delmapunto

Our designers and specialists in textile customization (embroidery, screen printing and sublimation) work to achieve the highest quality and the best finish on the personalization of every garment.

We take every detail into consideration. We offer advise to the school in order to design the uniform as accurately as possible.

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